Where to stay in Munich

Where to stay in Munich

Munich has a wide range of accommodation: find the perfect district for you and book hotels, hostels and apartments at the best possible price.

Munich is a very popular destination for tourists and combined with the city's high cost of living, this means it's not the cheapest place to stay!

While summer is the high season, the Bavarian capital is full of visitors throughout the year, whether it's for the traditional Christmas markets come winter, or for Oktoberfest. If you're visiting for the famous beer festival, you need to be booking your accommodation months - if not a full year - in advance, and the prices will still be sky-high!

As Munich has an excellent public transport network, whether you're staying in the heart of the city centre or slightly further out (where prices are likely to be cheaper as a rule) you'll find it easy to get to the places you want to see.

If you're looking for something a little more economical, the area around Karlsplatz and the Hauptbahnhof train station is home to a number of places that strike a good balance between quality and price.

Which district to stay in?


If price isn't an issue, staying in the Altstadt, or Old Town, around Marienplatz, is a great way to feel fully immersed in the history and culture of the Bavarian capital. The majority of Munich's museums, monuments, shops, and restaurants, plus half of the Englischer Garten, are located in this district, so you're unlikely to need to use much public transport. It's also within walking distance to the wiesn (fairgrounds), if you're visiting during Oktoberfest. Accommodation here will be the most expensive in the city:

  • Hotels: usually between  100 (US$ 107.10) and 250 (US$ 267.90) per night.
  • Apartments: between  70 (US$ 75) and  150 (US$ 160.70) per night on average.


A central neighborhood to the north of the Hauptbahnhof that is easily accessible by metro, tram and bus from the main transport hubs, Maxvorstadt is home to many of Munich's art museums. Stay here if you want to be near the city center without paying the highest prices:

  • Hotels: usually between  60 (US$ 64.30) and 150 (US$ 160.70) per night.
  • Apartments: between  60 (US$ 64.30) and  150 (US$ 160.70) per night on average.


This district encompasses the Hauptbahnhof (great for day trips and if you're arriving by train) and the area southwest of the Altstadt. Full of cool coffee shops, gay bars, global eateries, and independent boutiques, the Oktoberfest Theresienwiese is also located here, and - added bonus if you're traveling on a budget - there are tons of hostels too.

  • Hotels: usually between  50 (US$ 53.50) and 100 (US$ 107.10) per night.
  • Apartments: between  50 (US$ 53.50) and  120 (US$ 128.60) per night on average.
  • Hostels: starting from 25 (US$ 26.70) per night.


Other areas of Munich, while further away from the city's main attractions, are not all that much cheaper to stay in, but maybe preferable to you for their atmosphere:

  • Au-Haidhausen: located to the east of Munich, on the opposite side of the River Isar to the historic center; popular with students and young people, and known for its nightlife.
  • Schwabing: a quiet residential district in the north of the city, not far from Englischer Garten.  
  • Neuhausen-Nymphenburg: an oft-forgotten area northwest of the city, home to the Nymphenburg Palace and a number of beer gardens, this is the place to go for a quiet escape from the city. 


Hotels are a cheap option and are usually popular among groups of friends travelling together and solo travellers. In Munich, a shared hostel room can cost around 15 (US$ 16.10) a night.