Ticket prices and travelcards

Ticket prices and travelcards

Fares for Munich's public transport network are the same for every mode of transport making it really easy to travel. See all the different ticket types here!

Fares for Munich's public transport network are the same whether you're catching a tram, train, metro or bus. There are a number of different ticket options depending on how many journeys you're planning to take:

Single ticket

The ideal option if you're only planning on making one trip a day on public transport. The fare depends on how many of the four zones of Munich you're travelling between. The majority of the city centre tourist attractions are located within zone 1, so if you stay within that area, you only need the cheapest ticket. However, if you're planning on making more than one trip during the day, we recommend buying one of the travelcards.

  • Short trip: 1.80 (US$ 2). A maximum of 4 stations in less than an hour
  • 1 zone: 3.90 (US$ 4.20)
  • 2 zones: 7.70 (US$ 8.40)
  • 3 zones: 9.70 (US$ 10.50)
  • 4 zones: 11.60 (US$ 12.60)

Children between 6 and 14 years old only pay 1.80 (US$ 2) per journey no matter how long the trip is. 

Stripe ticket

Stripe tickets are a strip of 10 single tickets that can be used for multiple people and journeys. The voucher is divided into 10 parts and depending on the destination, one or more of these parts are validated. For more than two trips on the same day, it's more advisable to buy a ticket valid for one day.

They cost 17 (US$ 18.50), and one of the parts is used for a trip of less than one hour and 4 stations, at 1.70 (US$ 1.80) and two parts per person for each zone of the city in which the trip is made.

Day tickets

Valid for unlimited travel from the moment of validation until 6 am the following day, these are individual and can only be used by one person at once, but save lots of money if you're planning a day with multiple public transport trips.

The fares for the 1-day ticket depend on the zone covered:

  • Innenraum (Inner District): 9.20 (US$ 10)
  • München XXL (includes Dachau): 10.50 (US$ 11.40)
  • Aussenraum (Outer District - Inner District NOT included!): 11.50 (US$ 12.50)
  • Gesamtnetz (entire network - all of the above): 12.70 (US$ 13.80)

3-day ticket

Valid for as many trips as you want from the time of validation until 6 am on the fourth day. It's only valid for one person at a time.

The 3-day ticket only covers the Inner District (Munich urban area) and costs  16.80 (US$ 18.30)

Group day tickets

The perfect option if you're travelling as a couple, a family or a group: you get unlimited travel for up to five adults for the selected amount of time (and two children between 6 and 14 years old count as one adult). Again, these tickets are valid from the moment of validation until 6 am the following day (or three days later, depending on the option chosen).

Fares for the 1-day group ticket vary based on zones:

  • Innenraum: 17.80 (US$ 19.40)
  • München XXL: 19.20 (US$ 20.80)
  • Aussenraum: 20.30 (US$ 22)
  • Gesamtnetz: 23.40 (US$ 25.40)

Airport + day tickets

Allows you to travel from the airport to the city centre and includes unlimited travel on the entire public transport network until 6 am the following day.

The single ticket costs 15.50 (US$ 16.90) and the ticket valid for a group of up to 5 people costs 29.10 (US$ 31.60).

You can buy these tickets at all ticket machines at the airport and at most S-Bahn stations: select "MVV Münchner Verkehrs- and Tarifverbund" and then "Airport-City Day Ticket".