Taxis in Munich

Taxis in Munich

While Munich has an excellent public transport system, you may sometimes find it more convenient to travel by taxi. Find fares and top tips here!

Munich has an extensive public transport system of trains, trams, and buses connecting you to most of the city's places of interest. However, from time to time we understand that it's more convenient to travel by taxi.

Munich's taxis are cream-colored and have a TAXI sign on the roof. All of them use a taxi meter, and you can catch them either by flagging them down, waiting at a stop, or calling them up in advance.

Taxi fares

  • Baseline price: 5.50 (US$ 5.90)
  • Price per kilometer: 2.30 (US$ 2.50)
  • Price per waiting hour: 36 (US$ 38.70)

The average taxi journey around Munich city center usually costs between 10 (US$ 10.80) and 12 (US$ 12.90). A taxi from the airport to the city center is usually around  50 (US$ 53.80) and the drive lasts about 40 minutes.

Taxi companies

If you need to pre-book a taxi in Munich, or can't find one on the streets, we've listed three of the biggest taxi companies below. Like many other cities, Munich also has a number of taxi apps available to use. 

  • Taxi-München eG: +49 / (0)89/21 610.
  • Taxi Zentrale Freising: +49 (0)8161 36 66.
  • IsarFunk: +49 / (0)89/450540.