Munich City Tour Card

Munich City Tour Card

The Munich City Tour Card offers discounts on more than 80 attractions around Munich and includes unlimited free public transport use.

City Tour Card Muenchen
City Tour Card Munich

What does the card include?

As well as unlimited public transport use throughout its period of validity, the Munich City Tour Card offers fantastic discounts on the city's tourist attractions, including the Nymphenburg Palace and the Residenz, as well as shows and restaurants.

See the complete list of all the City Tour Card benefits via the following link:

Prices at a glance

Zone One person Group (up to 5 people)
1 day Munich Inner District 15.50 (US$ 16.60) 24.50 (US$ 26.20)
2 days Munich Inner District 22.50 (US$ 24) 37.90 (US$ 40.50)
3 days Munich Inner District 27.50 (US$ 29.40) 41.90 (US$ 44.80)
3 days Entire Network (including the airport) 45.90 (US$ 49.10) 63.99 (US$ 68.40)

Is it worth it?

Like all tourist cards, it's always best to plan where you'd like to visit in advance before making a purchase, so you can calculate if it's really going to save you money. If you're going to be using public transport a lot, the Munich City Tour Card is probably worth it for savings on travel alone.

It's worth noting that it's cheaper to buy the group ticket even if there are just two of you traveling, rather than buying a City Tour Card each. What's more, the price per person is for adults aged 15 and over, and two children aged between 6 and 14 years old count as one adult, so if you're traveling as a larger group with kids, the group option can work out really economical.

Where do I buy the City Tour Card?

The Munich City Tour Card is sold online (see the link above), at the Tourist Information Offices in Marienplatz, and at Munich Hauptbahnhof (main railway station), as well as the MVG ticket offices and machines.