Prices & travel costs in Munich

Prices & travel costs in Munich

Are restaurants expensive? How much does a coffee cost? How much money should you bring for a few days in Munich? Discover how much it costs to travel to Germany and plan ahead to save money on your trip!

Munich is definitely not the cheapest city to travel to, especially with regard to accommodation, although booking hotels in advance can often mean significant discounts and offers. Having said that, transport is relatively affordable, and it's possible to find restaurants to suit all budgets.

A few examples

See the below list to get an idea of the average prices of things you might buy in Munich:

Food & drink

  • A pretzel: 1.50 (US$ 1.60).
  • A beer (500ml): 4 (US$ 4.40)
  • Dinner for two in a restaurant: 40 (US$ 43.50) (without drinks).



  • Single bed in a hostel dorm room: 15 (US$ 16.30) -  30 (US$ 32.60).
  • Double room in a mid-range hotel in the city center 80 (US$ 87) - 160 (US$ 174.10)
  • Luxury hotel room: from 160 (US$ 174.10)