Public Holidays in Munich

Public Holidays in Munich

When are Munich's public holidays? More importantly - when's Oktoberfest?! Find out when monuments will be open and what dates to visit to celebrate holidays like a local!

It's always useful to know when local festivals and public holidays are celebrated, so you know if opening times are affected and how you can join in with the celebrations!

Munich's most famous event is Oktoberfest. This beer festival takes place annually in September and October, and is great fun - but unless you're visiting the city for this event, we don't recommend going, as prices sky-rocket and everything books up months in advance!

A number of music festivals take place during the summer, as well as a handful of smaller-scale beer festivals throughout the rest of the year. These shouldn't affect opening times, availability or costs though!

See the below list of public holidays, when shops and tourist attractions are likely to run on reduced opening times, or to be closed all together:

Public holidays

  • New Year's Day: (Neujahr) 1st January.
  • Shrove Tuesday: (date varies).
  • Good Friday: (date varies).
  • Easter Monday (date varies).
  • International Workers' Day: (Tag der Arbeit) 1st May.
  • Assumption Day: (Mariä Himmelfahrt) 15th August.
  • German Unity Day: (Tag den Deutschen Einheit): 3rd October. Germany's national day, commemorating the anniversary of German Reunification in 1990.
  • All Saints Day: (Allerheilligen) 1st November.
  • Christmas Day: (Weihnachtstag) 25th December.
  • St Stephen's Day: 26th December.